The following are my known areas where 2018 BigData trends evolve.
1) Data Protection
As part of GDPR federal rules, the data is enforced to protect at all stages of data movement. So, Having the very simple focus of protecting data, the software technologies are evolving to improve their existing software/frameworks and innovating strategies to target the best performance and cost-effective solutions.
Data Encryption at Rest has many different levels of solutions at disk, abstraction layer on top of disk, but believe that there still have a scope to generalize and make a common design for any data at rest protection policies – classification, masking, encoding, encrypting, and this should be default for any platform
SSL Encryption for data in Motion is still a grey and confused area which most of the SMEs believe and expect that there is a plenty of scopes to enlighten for right design of encryption techniques
2) Data Processing
This will be all time focused area and evergreen research of achieving lightning speed to process the tremendous data avatars (Volumes, Varieties, Velocities, Vulnerable). Much of research and strategies are still hot in the market to optimize the performance of data reading, processing, writing based on the random varieties of business requests.
The technologies I am aware of, for example, Spark, this I believe is the most accepted, used in the market and is still growing. But, I hear there is still a gap of simplification of the design and computation techniques where there is a scope for other technologies to evolve on top of this like Apache Drill, etc.
All in all the objectives in this area is very simple that achieving speed and cost while processing any data avatars.
3) IOT
This will continue to live in the future for at least a century or until machines are replaced with some laser light interfaces. So, the data among the machines with infinite sizes will be the challenge and we have to break the current solutions again to come up with innovative solutions for handling machine speeds of generated data.
Sensors data, Beacons Setup, Small Scale Platforms like Raspberries, etc, last but not least is Quantum Computing.
4) AI (Artificial Intelligence)
This is as well our future transformation of humans, where we will replace all our routine stuff and put it into machines. Machines have started to evolve into a human society where humans are completely shifting their brains into machines (But, of course, human feelings are yet to be worked on). So, understanding the behavioral programming languages and data management in the AI would be more replaceable in near future.

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